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A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate

The Cocoa Lover’s Cookbook

Our cocoa secrets are revealed in A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate, with recipes from our chocolatiers’ kitchen, and award-winning restaurants in London, Leeds and Saint Lucia.

  • Over 100 incredible recipes
  • Innovative savoury starters and mains
  • Dozens of to-die-for desserts
  • Discover the secrets of our favourite superfood: cacao
  • Just £20

The Inspiration

The cocoa cuisine you’ll discover in A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate is inspired by our journey of discovery as cocoa farmers in Saint Lucia.

On our plantation, we’re surrounded by an abundance of fresh ingredients, just crying out to be cooked with. Coconut trees shade our flourishing cacao plants; mango grows so abundantly that the fruits are often squashed underfoot; and our herb garden fills the air with incredible aromas.

It’s the perfect place to start experimenting in the kitchen.

The chefs in the Boucan restaurant started crushing cacao and using the nibs in marinades, as a deep earthy spice, or as an alternative to a breadcrumb crust. We knew we were on to something special.

Cocoa cuisine took Saint Lucia by storm, and New Yorkers were soon popping on a short-haul flight to visit our restaurant. This book gives you a unique insight into our award-winning dishes and allows you to make them at home, so you can discover the amazing versatility of the cocoa bean for yourself.

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