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Hotel Chocolat Roast+Conch

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Welcome to Hotel Chocolat Roast+Conch

Come spend the day with us. Browse the boutique. Stay for a sociable lunch. Stroll to Bar Boucan for a cacao-enhanced cocktail or two. And then, sit down to dinner and experience Roast+Conch’s unique Anglo-West Indian cuisine, enriched with the freshness of a West Indian herb garden and the savoury spice of roasted cocoa.

Created in 2011 by chefs in the open-air cocoa-estate kitchen of our Boucan restaurant in Saint Lucia, Roast+Conch’s unique menu returns the cocoa bean to its rightful place as subtle savoury spice and garnish.

It’s a style of cuisine you’ve never tried before – and if you really do want chocolate, you can experience it freshly made from beans roasted and conched by chocolatiers in the restaurant.

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