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Bois Nef Shower Crème


Ref. 100038

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The beauty secrets of cocoa, from our plantation spa. Warm, calming, sensual - the heady scent of our cocoa groves at dusk.

What are 'fragrance notes’?

The ingredients used in our perfumes start to release aromas over time as soon as they touch your skin. We call these fragrance notes. The 'top notes' deliver the dazzling first impression, usually light and fruity; the 'heart notes' are the main theme of the perfume, and often floral; while the 'base notes' are deeper, often sandalwood, amber, musk or vanilla, released in a lingering finish.

Fragrance notes:
TOP – Mandarin and Lemon
HEART – Jasmine, Lily and Black Pepper
BASE – Roasted Cocoa, Sandalwood and Leather

How to use: Massage into damp skin to leave it soft, smooth and irresistibly scented.

Not tested on animals

Bois Nef (pronounced “Bw-ah Nef”) means ‘New Wood’ in French patois, the native language of St Lucia, and is the cocoa cote on our Rabot estate.

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What people are saying

  • bliss

    Well I have the perfume body creme. now shower creme it's gorgeous thanks!

    , Carlisle said on 02/10/2016

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