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Tasting Club Event - 17.11.16 - Covent Garden - 7pm


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  • Tasting Club Event - 17.11.16 - Covent Garden - 7pm


"As a Tasting Club member we share with you one mutual passion - chocolate. That�s why we�d love for you to join us at our latest members� only tasting events.

The events will be a chance to meet our Chocolatiers, and discover the journey from chocolate recipe making to the creations that end up in your Tasting Club boxes. You will be taken through the inspiration and secrets behind the chocolates in our latest club box while you taste and rate them with other fellow members.These events are truly exclusive to members and you�ll be able to share your views, opinions and preferences while chatting over a glass of our finest Prosecco.

• Meet one of our Tasting Club Chocolatiers and fellow members
• Learn about our unique bear to bar process
• Taste and rate the chocolates in latest and special edition boxes
• All whilst enjoying a glass of prosecco"

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