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Creole Chutney


Ref. 503366

6 Customer Reviews


MULTIBUY Buy 2 or more Cocoa Condiments for £7 each.

It’s sunshine in a jar: a superb chutney recipe of rich tomato, sweet onion, hot chilli and roasted cocoa nibs inspired by our Rabot Estate kitchen garden.
Loves cheese, cold-meat cuts and hamburgers - and makes an innovative salsa-style dip. It’s also fabulous in sauces and marinades such as in our very own Glazed King Prawns with Chilli Chutney recipe here

Weight: 210g / 7.4oz

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What people are saying

  • Gorgeous!

    This is superb with cheese or in sandwiches. If you like sweet chutney that tastes like jam then you probably won't like it, so it's best tried with an open mind as a new spread rather than a chutney. This is deliciously different and we love it.

    , Bedfordshire said on 09/10/2014

  • This was unpalatable.

    I love all flavours and nationalities of food, but I thought this was unpalatable. It was a stocking filler and I got my husband who loves chutney to try it and he thought it was awful too! I'm really disappointed as I normally love your products.

    , Cambridge said on 15/01/2014

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