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Caramarvellous Giant Slab


Ref. 310306

6 Customer Reviews


Inviting stripes of our creamy white and luscious caramel chocolate, filled with the satisfying crunch of buttery feuilletine and topped with marbled domes and gemstones.

Perfect for devotees of the dreamy flavours of mellow white and caramel chocolate, and ideal for snapping and sharing between friends on movie night, or keeping in the cupboard for stolen bites of luxurious ‘emergency chocolate’.

500g / 17.6oz

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What people are saying

  • Yummy yummy the best ever

    Always get this every Xmas as well as the all white slab. Can't wait again for next one though will have to watch my weight again after losing such a bit. They are very tempting and you need the will not to buy.

    , Victoria Street London said on 16/07/2016

  • Carameltastic!

    In my opinion, this is the best slab of all. Really had to stop myself from over indulging! Super Yummy!

    , Maldon said on 19/06/2016

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