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90% Dark Hacienda Iara 35g


Ref. 240672

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MIX & MATCH: Buy 3 or more 35g bars for £3.15 each.

The battle of the cocoa bean is on-going in Ecuador. The less flavoursome but easier to grow CCN-51 variety has been taking over from the delicious Arriba Nacional, the one used here. Ecuador was once the world's powerhouse of cocoa back in the late 1800's, but a disease wiped out many estates in 1919. This estate, know as Hacienda Iara, was replaced with the fine Arriba Nacional cocoa from the more protected interior of Ecuador and is run on organic principles. An easier to grow, but less flavoursome cocoa variety known as CCN-51 has recently been taking over the country's crop, but a fight back has started to maintain the true'National' cocoas taste, characterised by an intense cocoa flavour with a subtle jasmine/floral note and relatively low acidity.

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What people are saying

  • A delight!

    Deep and chocolatey but suprisingly creamy for a 90% - you can eat a whole bar and feel it's prety good for you!

    , Bristol said on 14/06/2016

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