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Banana Bread Selector


Ref. 640024

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MIX & MATCH 3 or more Selectors for £3.15 each.

A chocolatier's take on the baked banana loaf, with nibbed walnuts . Our cookbook features a 'battle of the banana breads' with two competing recipes. Our cookbook features a 'battle of the banana breads' with two competing recipes.

Weight: 70g / 2.5oz

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What people are saying

  • Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm...Banana Heaven!

    Goodness! THIS chocolate is just so surprisingly lovely! If you like Bananas/Banana Bread, you will go (excuse the very obvious pun) ''Bananas'' for this chocolate! It is really smooth, buttery and creamy with tiny crisp, bittersweet nibs of walnut AND the fragrant waves of what is unmistakably Banana bread! The taste sits delightfully on the Palate, with a lasting flavour which is rather pleasant. The harmonious notes of spicy cinnamon enveloped me in a big, warm hug which instantly reminded me of coming home gloriously happy and cold in winter. The unforgettable joy of building a snowman and awaiting a cup of hot cocoa, a slice of Banana bread and Father Christmas. Such precious and merry times! With each slow, savouring bite, I gradually became a child again. I never, ever expected the emotions this delicious, rare chocolate provoked in me. I certainly cannot guarantee the same experience for you but if you like Banana/Banana bread, this tropical treat will, without a doubt, transport you to a dreamy Caribbean Paradise and brighten your day...

    , Leicester said on 11/09/2016

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