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Cookie Creme 100g Slab Selector


Ref. 220472

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Into molten white chocolate, we folded wafer-textured feuilletine, piped on pools of 40% milk and sprinkled biscuits.When the melt of cocoa butter combines with the crunch of cookie, we always know we have a winner on our hands. Go willingly.

MIX & MATCH 3 or more Selectors for £3.15 each.

Weight: 100g

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What people are saying

  • Oh... My... God!

    This is sooo creamy and yummy - I litterally said "Oh my God" out loud when I tasted it - just the perfect blend of cookies and cream and big biscuit pieces as well. So sad it's not part of the products we have here in DK, so I had to order it online, but yes - try this, you won't be disappointed :-)

    , Denmark said on 25/06/2016

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