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Engaged Ethics

Engaged Ethics is the name we give to our “roll-up-the-sleeves and get-involved” ethical programmes in St Lucia and Ghana. Sustained investments of know-how, sweat and passion as well as dependable funding really does make a difference to cocoa-growing communities.

St. Lucia has real poverty in the agricultural sector; our main effort therefore, is to lead a renaissance of cocoa-growing amongst our neighbours.

This renaissance will regenerate cocoa-growing in St. Lucia and we will create a sustainable market for chocolate made from these beans. Local cocoa-growers will once again have a secure income and feel confident enough to breathe new life into their farms through investment.

The cocoa-growing communities of St. Lucia need more than just our money to make this project enduring and self-sustaining.

We have sent a top team to St. Lucia to transfer knowledge and provide practical assistance; our approach is always to see for ourselves what the true situation is, and to carry out real research, rather than leaping onto a fashionable bandwagon simply to gain marketing advantage or a ‘tick in the box’ of social responsibility.

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