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Members Benefits

All Tasting Club members are eligible to receive a host of exclusive Hotel Chocolat benefits...

Members Discounts:

Your membership card entitles you to a preferential 5% off all Hotel Chocolat purchase, plus savings on specially selected Tasting Club selections.

Our Latest Recipes:             

By scoring our newest chocolates you’ll be helping to ensure the highest rated chocolates go on to star in our full range.

Specials Collections:             

From seasonal favourites to unique one-off selections – members have exclusive access to them all!

Member Pack:             

When you continue and receive the first of our regular selections, you’ll also receive your official Membership Pack.

The Pod:             

Every month we publish a brand new issue of our exclusive periodical that arrives with every tasting selection.


You’ll have the chance to win chocolate subscriptions, tasting experiences and even holidays to our boutique Boucan Hotel on Saint Lucia.


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