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Monthly Selections

We have 5 regular monthly boxes to choose from. Classic, Dark, Milk, Fortified and Rabot 1745...

The Classic Selection – With a little bit of everything, in a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate – including soft truffles, delicious pralines, caramels, batons and more.

The Dark Selection – Specially created for those who love the deep, thrilling flavours of dark chocolate – in soft truffles, melting pralines and caramels and batons.

The All Milk Selection – Devoted to mellow milk chocolate recipes – featuring silky soft truffles, dreamy caramels, melt-in-the mouth pralines and solid batons.

The Fortified Selection – Our quarterly Fortified Selection ups the bar with recipes made with generous shots of premium spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines.

The Rabot 1745 Selection – A showcase of the nuanced flavours of rare cocoa paired with premium ingredients.

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