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Special Collections

Each year we release 6 exclusive special collections available to Members Only...

Six of the Best:             
Club Founder, Angus Thirlwell picks each and every one of them. They are his current favourites, chosen because he doesn’t just love them, there is also something special to admire about them too.

This year there are four stunning collections to choose from – including the brand new Fortified and alcohol-free All Milk Eggs. Each one features two extra thick chocolate shells to crack into.

Summer Desserts:             
Our Summer Desserts box captures all the joys and colours of the season, in perfect bite-sized pieces.

Members scores determine which chocolates become our superstars and make it into this annual best of the best collection. So you can be sure that there’s something very special to delight in every winning category!

Winter Puddings:             
This is our deliciously cosy special edition incorporating the very best comforting flavours of the season including Jam Roly Poly and Spotted Dick. It’ll have you wishing for the chilly weather to arrive sooner.

Look no further than our exclusive Ultimate Christmas Collections to get you in the mood for the most festive season of the year. Brimming with irresistible flavours, colours and heart warming character

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